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Use and Care of Personal Data in the Digital Era

The government launched a cybersecurity campaign called “Digital Consciousness“, an initiative that seeks to alert Internet users about the risks involved in the use of personal data, especially on unprotected websites and social networks. The objective of this project is to prevent episodes of hacking of credit cards, theft of bank passwords, theft of profile and information from social networks, among others.

Undoubtedly a great digital challenge, where the use of personal data has become a fairly common practice by most companies and institutions globally, who have large bases with the information of each of the people at some point they bought, paid or simply filled out an application or form to obtain some kind of benefit.

According to figures from the Connected Life study by Kantar TNS, 65% of Chileans are concerned about the level of personal data they have about them. Particularly by multinationals and retail companies. What generates a situation of distrust, due to the little transparency in the way in which all this information is protected.

With this information that is collected the companies or institutions transform this data into an experience and / or benefit for its users. In this way, navigation on the person’s web becomes more personalized, according to the preferences and needs that he has shown previously.

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But many people prefer privacy over the comfort that it means to be connected. In fact according to figures from Kantar TNS, globally 43% of consumers object to connected devices that monitor their activities, even when these facilitate their lives, and in Chile that figure reaches 66%.

To create and protect people’s trust, we must understand their motivations and understand the right times to participate with them, understanding the value that consumers give to their time, and being more transparent about how information is handled. That is collected. That is why the call for companies is to be careful in these points.

Meanwhile, the call for users is to be aware of the information we are delivering. Regardless of which institution or company it is. Keep in mind that the internet and platforms are powerful tools that are at the service of all of us, but if we do not use them with caution they can harm us.

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