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Easily Resolve and Fix Quickbooks error code 99001

Quickbooks is not open to this company file. While That you know opened this file another user. You ought to request that users move to multi-user mode so you can both utilize the company file simultaneously. You can go to a network folder and read the file. In this condition, it asks your system administrator to make the file accessible.

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What is Quickbooks Error code 9001

This error code inform that users has the company file opened in a single use mode. Iit is so important to have that user change to multi-user mode. In this situation, the server admin closes all Quickbooks Session via the task manager.

Many reasons for Quickbooks error code 99001.

This error is usually reason by any of the following.

  • Company file is open on another device in single User mode.
  • File is located in read only Network folder.
  • Quickbooks files are hosted on a Linux server and more than use one of set login credentials to log in to the shared folder
  • The record is being run utilizing a remote software(LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, and so on.) and the host PC still sees that users as still marked in.

Quick Fixes for QB Error code 99001

Some of the best way to fix this issue for the following point given below.

Solution: 1 Use the Quickbooks file doctor tool to fix this error.

Quickbooks File Doctor: Resolve your company file or Network issues.

Solution: 2 Physically fix Quickbooks Error 99001

Case:1 in this situation the company file is open in Single user mode in another work location.

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Exit Quickbooks desktop in all PC.

Only open the company file on the Host PC.

Go to the file menu, then choose change to multi user mode.

In condition you are faced the same problem, reboot all work location.

Case:2 on the off chance that the company file is open in single-user mode on the Host PC.

  • Go to the file menu, then choose a close company
  • Re open the company file. Visit the file menu, then select open or restore company.
  • Click on a company file option, then next.
  • Click open file in multi user mode, then open.

Case: 3 If company file is situated in a read only network folder

  • Visit the Pc that is hosting your company file.
  • Open the folder where you are saved in company file.
  • Click on right in folder, then select the property option.
  • Select the users that is having issues to log in, then edit.
  • Click on check allow for full control.
  • Click on apply, then ok.

Case :4 On the off chance that the PC is being gotten to remotely by means of LogMein, GoToMyPC, and so on.

  • Click on right Taskbar, then press Task Manager.
  • Check if there are running procedures under the name of the user that you are having issues with.
  • On the off chance that there are forms under that user, restart your PC.

We hope that this article helpful for you. If you any kind of help, reach out to us at Quickbooks  support phone number + 1877 715  0222. Our team always available 24 hours per week for your help.

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