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Choose Custom Rigid Boxes with Drawer for Jewelry Packaging

In terms of packaging jewelry products, it should always be more than just a simple paper box. First impressions always matter, and it must satisfy the need of customers as well as retailers. A jewelry packaging box has to offer protection, display, packing, and presentation. To fulfill this requirement, rigid boxes play their role. They come in unique designs and fulfill all these functions.

As you choose rigid boxes, you should go for the drawer types. These give jewelry boxes a unique look and allow the easy pull of the jewelry.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider choosing custom rigid boxes with drawer.

A Sturdy and Classy Appearance

On the outside, the custom box would have a soft touch, as well as the bottom, back, and front panels. However, they would also have a sturdy appearance. Rigid boxes are renowned for their strength, which makes them the perfect packaging solution for fragile items. Likewise, jewelry needs care and safety from various weather factors. To keep the jewelry pieces secure, you can ask the packaging company, such as IMH Packaging to add some soft cushioning inside the box. As the drawer pulls out, the cushioning would be prominent. To add a classy appearance, you can ask them to add ribbons on the top of the box. Add logo, or texts in foil stamps. When a customer holds such a product, it will give them a touch of high quality, and luxury.

It May Have Double Layers

The other amazing thing about choosing drawer rigid packaging boxes is the fact that you can have them in double-layered structures placed inside the box. You can have the first layer below, it would be a sliding layer designed to hold the jewelry inside. On the inside, you may also add a logo text, as well as your brand website address. It could have another layer below, and partitions if desired.

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Select Desired Sizes and Shapes

For your business or brand, when you choose drawer boxes, you can avail custom rigid packaging boxes wholesale. As you purchase these in bulk, you can avail special offers too. You can choose the desired shapes and sizes. The packaging company would guide you more on the sizes they have available, and you can guide them on the dimensions you wish to add to the boxes.

Various Custom Colors for Rigid Boxes

Furthermore, when you invest in drawer rigid boxes, it will give your brand a good reputation. This is because you can give it your desired colors. It’s possible to choose custom colors, and the options are endless. Choose bright colors, dark colors, matte options, and so much more. In addition, the boxes can have desired images printed on them. For a catchy touch, the rigid box may have 3D imaging on it, patterns, and so much more.

Custom Coatings in Abundance

Rigid custom boxes are also popular for their easy to print and customize options. This means, regardless of the size and shape you choose, you can opt for various coatings. The packaging company can print on it using spot UV, matte, gloss finishes and you name it! These will only add a classy and unique touch to the custom rigid boxes.

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When you choose these boxes, rest assured that you are making a worthwhile investment for your jewelry brand. It will help in brand awareness, and ensure your products rank on the top. An impressive packaging will always grab the attention of customers, so make sure you discuss all your options with the custom packaging company that you choose.

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